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first ever drabble...


Jessica hated mornings, especially when Hyoyeon would open the windows to let the sunlight in, or when Sooyoung and Yoona would come in and wake her up in the most ridiculous ways.

But some days she wished that mornings never ended.

She softly sighs as an arm wraps around her waist, butterfly kisses at the back of her neck, she turns to her half asleep girlfriend

"good morning" Jessica says in english as the girl beside her flashes those infamous smiles where her eyes would take the form of half crescent moons.

"good morning"

yes it really is a good morning  Jessica thought as she slowly leaned in to kiss her girlfriends waiting lips..

zoomfreakingawd i fail!! *face palms*


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was that JeNy? yup, I'm pretty sure it was!
that was good! I really liked it!!
drabbles are cute when they just describe a moment, like yours, you should try writting an one-shot as well!
I suggest one with Yoona!!! lol
just you really should try writting an one-shot, with whatever pairing you want, I'm just a YoonAddict xDD

lol thank you. lol.. it was my very first drabble ever.. and yes its JeNy.. lol they're my fave pairing.. hehehe
and i'll try making a Yoona one shot,
once again thank you

it was really good. i couldn't believe it was your first, really very nice!
yey! what Yoona pairing are you gonna try to write about?
let me know of your future works!

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